The Commercial Break Workout

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Are you a busy mom who wishes she could workout more regularly?

Looking to lose the baby weight, but your kiddos always “need something” when you try to workout?

Feel guilty after you watch a TV show because you could have used your time more productively?

Never have time to do a workout?

Mama, have I got the solution for you!


The Solution

The Commercial Break Workout is perfect for busy moms who can’t seem to get into a steady workout routine or whose kids keep interrupting them (read: crawling through your legs when you’re trying to do lunges!) when they finally get a DVD in to workout.

You can get fit. You can have more energy.  You can feel great about your body again.  You can  workout everyday.  You can start a routine and stick to it!

Before I had kids I used to workout pretty regularly and considered myself pretty athletic.  But, like so many moms, once I had kids, I put them first and put my self-care on the back burner.  I got irritable and hated the shape (or lack of) that I was in.  But, every time I tried to start a workout routine something got in the way or the kids couldn’t tolerate me doing a whole 40 minute DVD or whatever.

But, I do love me some reality TV!  So, one day while I was watching, I decided to do a few sit ups during the commercials. Then I did a few other exercises during the next commercials.  And The Commercial Break Workout was born!  I got to watch my TV shows, but felt really great when it was over because I had also workout out and my body thanked me!

And the workouts are in such short bursts that the kids don’t really mind and my 5 year old even tries to do them with me!

Here are some of my favorite things about The Commercial Break Workout:

  • Your are already watching TV, so this does not add anything extra to your busy day.
  • Not feeling guilty for watching TV when you should’ve been doing something more productive is great!
  • FINALLY getting fit like I used to be.
  • No need to change into workout clothes – another time-saver!
  • actually completing my workouts because my kids aren’t constantly asking “are you done yet?”
  • Having a routine that I stick to after falling off the bandwagon so many times


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What Is It?

The Commercial Break Workout is a series of exercises that I have broken up into segments that can be completed in roughly a commercial break for a TV show.  I provide 5 circuits, but if your show has less, then do less; if your show is longer and has more commercials, then just start at the beginning again or mix it up with some stretches in between circuits.

Each exercise is done for one or two commercials, so no need to count reps, just do the exercise until the next commercial comes on.  (You won’t believe how long the “small print talk” on those drug commercials seems now!)  Then, when your show comes back on, just sit back and relax or do some stretches for even more benefit!

The exercises include:

  • push ups
  • leg up sit ups
  • supermans
  • plank
  • calf raises
  • side lunges
  • squats
  • donkey kicks
  • fire hydrant (it is exactly what you’re thinking of and it’s awesome for the booty!)
  • hip lifts
  • clam shells
  • plie squats

Need Some Help?

Not familiar with some of the exercises?  No problem, I’ve included pictures (of yours truly :)) doing each exercise, so you can see what it looks like before you get started.  I’ve also included a description of each exercise if you want more detail for the exercises.

No More Excuses!

With The Commercial Break Workout there are no more excuses!  Nothing extra added to your day, no special equipment or clothes, and just minutes a day!  You will really feel it all over your body as you are finally finally getting in shape! Get your free copy here!

Pin it and share this great idea with your friends!  Then, print out your free copy and get started!


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  1. Jennifer says:

    This is one workout routine I could get behind. My exercising is practically non-existent. You should update this routine for blogging too!

  2. Shari E says:

    Brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing it!

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