Sort a Scene – Long Vowels and Dipthongs Practice

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Mastering long vowel sounds is an important part of learning to read. There are so many vowel teams and phonics words for emerging readers to memorize and understand, that it can be daunting.

Today, I’m sharing an activity that I like to use with the first-grader: Sort-a-Scene: Long Vowel Sounds.

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You can get this free printable at the bottom of this post. To complete the activity, you will need:


~Glue (optional, see below)

What To Do

Your young reader will be sorting pictures that belong in a forest scene – leaves, mushrooms, owls, apples, even a hedgehog! Each picture has a word printed on it that contains a long vowel sound. Each tree background has a log with a long vowel sound printed on it.

Students look at each word and decode the long vowel sound. Then, they place the picture on the tree scene for that long vowel sound.

For example, if a student chooses a picture with the word “code” on it, they would place it on the tree scene whose log says “long o”. They can place it anywhere they want – have fun with it!

Maybe the owl is in the tree, maybe the hedgehog is eating an apple!

One nice thing about this long vowel sound activity is that it gives the children some choice in how to complete it. It’s not just another worksheet with only one way to do it.

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Long Vowel Sounds Ideas and Activities

It looks like a lot of cutting when you first print it out, but it took me less than 10 minutes to cut all the “forest pieces” out. Then, I actually just had my daughter lay the pieces on the tree scenes instead of gluing them on. This way we can redo the activity or I can save it for her sisters. So, the glue is really optional.

Included with the printable, you will find a blank set of forest pieces, as well as a pre-printed set. I included a blank set, so that you could add words and customize the activity. If there are long vowel sounds that your child needs extra practice with, you can just write them on the blank pieces. If you don’t need to do that, then only print the pre-printed pages.


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