Count and Stick Preschool Counting Activity

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Preschool is a fun time for homeschooling. Your child is learning so much and is usually excited by all the new skills she is acquiring. Counting is just such a skill.

Do you remember the look on your child’s face the first time she counted to ten? Priceless.

Today, I’d like to share with you a simple preschool counting activity you can do with your child: Count and Stick Cards: Numbers 10-21.

And it involves stickers – BONUS!

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Preschool Counting to 21

As my middle daughter was learning to count and getting confident counting to ten, I started looking around for activities to count to twenty. And there weren’t as many. There are a lot of “counting to ten” activities and “counting to 100” for kindergartners, but counting to 20 was a bit sparse.

So, I created one.

Preschool counting activity count and stick to 20

Now, I made this for my daughter and she loves mermaids, so I used an underwater scene. But, you certainly don’t have to use mermaid stickers. If your little learner loves sharks and you have some shark stickers, then use those.

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How it Works

The premise of the activity is pretty simple. Your child puts the number of stickers on the card that corresponds to the number printed on that card. For example, on the eighteen card…your child would count out eighteen stickers as he places them on the card.

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Why 21?

Like I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t very satisfied with the “counting to 20” options out there. Plus, I wanted my daughter to practice counting to 21. The numbers before 20 don’t make the pattern clear for counting to 100. But, once a child hits 21, then they know “ok, 22, 23….” It’s easier for them to see the pattern.

For this reason, I made the cards go to 21 instead of 20. And, it just so happened that made the cards work out evenly, too!

You can grab this free download right below here. Simply print and, if you want, cut the cards apart. You can also just leave them together if you prefer one large piece instead of eight cards to keep track of.

You could also laminate these for repeated use. Then, the stickers would peel off and you could reuse them with different stickers another time.

>>Click Here for Your Free Printable Count and Stick Cards for Numbers 10-21<<

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