Free Printable Preschool Math Mini-Pack

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Preschool math can be so much fun. They are learning to count, sort, identify numbers, and so much more! The look of excitement on a child’s face when they count correctly to a new “high” is just priceless. But, at least for my kids, sometimes the never ending request for “new” things can be exhausting.

So, I created this preschool math mini-pack one day and wanted to share it with you. I can’t be the only homeschool mom who is always searching for free printables, right?!

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When you download the Preschool Math Mini-Pack, there will be five pages. They include:

  • Dot to Ten Maze
  • Count and Choose the Number
  • Count and Write the Number
  • Color by Number
  • Write the Missing Number

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Here is a look at what is in the Preschool Math Mini-Pack.

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The pages are nice and colorful, just like so many preschoolers love! They do print just fine in gray scale, if you are conserving ink.

For the color by number page, I like to color over each number and color combo with the color needed for that number. This avoids the constant “What color is next?” questions.

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For the “Count and Write the Number” paper, I did write the 5 and 6 in highlighter because my little was having trouble getting it right. Then, she just traced over the highlighter.

For the color by number page, I like to color over each number-color combination with that color. This lets my little keep working without having to ask me each time what color the number says. It also helps her feel “big” because she can do it on her own.

I try to do math and counting skills several days a week with my preschooler. We are following a classical education schedule with her older sister, so this starts the solid math foundation for that.

I also use games and fun activities to teach the alphabet. Check them out here.


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