Free Printable Hands-On Activities for Counting Money

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These free printable counting money activity worksheets are great for practicing counting coins and creating amounts of money using different coin combinations.

Counting money is one skill that requires hands-on activities. Holding the coins in their hands helps students learn so much faster and more thoroughly than just seeing the images on a worksheet or screen.

My oldest loves “new” worksheets, so I decided to make a few counting money templates for her to use.

Hands-On Money Activities Free Printable.
Each activity includes practice with both the “cents” and “dollars” notation.

We use this worksheet as part of our semi-classical homeschool schedule. I do a mix-and-match curriculum.

Count It Out Money Worksheet

The Count It Out worksheet works like this….you (or the student) chooses a circle to go in the middle of the worksheet. Then, they use the different types of coins to count out the amount of money in the circle. They will have to think on some because, for example, with $0.60, they can’t use just quarters to make that amount of money, so the quarter section would be left empty.

This counting money worksheet provides experience with seeing the same amount of money in different coins.

Count It Two Ways Money Worksheet

For the Count It Two Ways worksheet, there are amounts listed in the rectangles and students have to use any combination of coins that they want to create that amount. They have to use two different combinations. For example, for the first problem with 25 cents, your child could use one quarter for the first combination and two dimes and a nickel for the second combination.

This counting money worksheet also gives your students experience with seeing the same amount of money in different ways and creating the same amount of money using different combinations of coins.

I have used both dollar notation and cent notation, so your student(s) can have experience with seeing both notations.

If you have a younger child that you need to keep occupied while you work with your money counter, you should check out my free printable preschool math mini-pack!


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