Free Domino Addition and Subtraction Printables

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Practicing addition and subtraction facts are a fundamental part of elementary school math. But, children can often get tired of just worksheet after worksheet of practice problem. So, as homeschool moms, we’ve got to change it up to keep things interesting!

Today, I’d like to share with you one way that I get my first grader to practice her math facts without just another boring worksheet. I created these domino addition and subtraction worksheets for just these occasions. You can download them here.

Using materials with a worksheet is a simple and easy way to re-engage a student who has become bored with a traditional worksheet.

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Also, these worksheets aren’t THAT much different than a traditional worksheet, it gives my child a lot of things that are lacking in traditional worksheets. First, she gets to choose the dominoes she uses, so she is essentially choosing the addition or subtraction problems she practices. A little choice can go a long way with young children. Second, she is physically handling items in her hands. This simple act engages more of the brain and helps students retain information better.

There are two free printables in the download, one for addition and one for subtraction. But, after you complete those worksheets, you will see how easy it is to continue the process using plain notebook paper.

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I have also seen this process done using dice. The student rolls the dice and then creates a subtraction or addition statement from the numbers on the dice. To create problems with larger numbers, you can simply add more dice.


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