Five More Ways to Motivate Your Reluctant Homeschool Student

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In a previous post, I shared five easy ways you could help encourage and your reluctant homeschool student and make learning fun. Today, I’m going to share five more ideas that I have successfully used during phases when one of my kiddo was reluctant to do their schoolwork!

Change Subjects

Many students have a favorite subject….and a least favorite one. If there is a subject that gets your child especially frustrated, try putting it aside for a little while and doing something they really enjoy.

You might come back to it later in the day or maybe you might leave it aside for a few days. But, try to come back to the frustrating subject in a very small way and after your child has had a positive experience in another area.

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Use Funny Voices

This is one of my favorite ways to make learning fun again. My oldest daughter is very hard on herself and gets frustrated very easily. When she was learning her basic math facts, she would quickly get frustrated if she didn’t immediately know the answer.

One day when she was getting angry, I said to her “tell me in your angriest voice!” She loved it and it has been a favorite way to make learning fun every since. She even asks if we can do the “silly voices” sometimes. Plus, it’s so easy!

Change location

The environment in which children learn can make a big difference. If you normally do your school time at a table, maybe try grabbing a clipboard and doing it on the couch.

Or, better yet, if it’s nice out…take school outside!

Sometimes just changing up the environment can reinvigorate a student and make school fun and enjoyable again.

Dangle a Carrot

Most people probably read that and thought….oh, right, offer a bribe. But, no, that’s not what I mean. I don’t believe in giving my kids treats or special things just because they did their schoolwork. I think that sets you up for future struggles.

But, you absolutely can motivate them by reminding them that school work must be finished before “insert fun thing here that you were going to do anyway” happens.

For example, my girls love to do crafts. So, when one of the girls is starting to drag her feet about her school work and then asks to do the craft, I can say “we’ll do that craft as soon as you are done your math.” It’s amazing how fast kids can work when they know something good is coming!

Lower Your Expectations

I’m not saying have low expectations, but maybe just lower them a bit…..for now.

One sure way to make learning fun again is to let your child experience success. When something is easy for them, they are generally successful.

So, if your child is reluctant about a particular subject or task, ask them to do a similar, yet easier task instead.

For example, my daughter picked up reading pretty quickly. And I love reading, so I was very excited. We started to get her small chapter books that still had a few pictures throughout. I thought she would love them, but I noticed she wasn’t as excited to read anymore.

So, I asked her if she would rather choose some picture books to read and she said yet. The next time we were at the library I took a list of suggested first grade picture books and we picked ones she liked.

She now reads at least one book, usually more, every day and enjoys it. I think it was a fear of disappointing me that kept her from saying she’d rather have picture books. We lowered the reading stamina level and…voila!…back to loving reading.

Now I am confident she will progress and increase her reading ability with no issue.

So, if your child is reluctant to add three digit numbers, let them do two digit numbers for a while and then try raising the difficulty level again.

Or, if your child doesn’t want to write, shorten the assignment length, then try again in a month or so.

Success is one of the best ways to make learning fun. Providing adequate opportunities for your child to experience success in their homeschooling is a great way to keep them excited about learning.

What Do You Do?

Do you have tried and true ways you use to make learning fun in your homeschool? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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