Easy Winter Craft – Puffy Paint Snowman

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My girls love to do crafts.  LOVE to do them.  And most days I like getting them started.  But, sometimes I just need an easy craft.  And I love to do crafts centered around a holiday.  So, this easy winter craft that I am going to share with you today is great for both!

I love how the “paint” on this snowman looks like real snow! My kids loved the texture it made when they painted.

For this easy winter craft, you will need:

black construction paper

orange construction paper

brown construction paper (we didn’t have this color, so we colored brown twigs on white computer paper)

shaving cream

plastic cup

white glue

blue construction paper

glitter (optional)


Directions for Puffy Paint Snowman  Craft:

  1. Draw a snowman on the blue paper using a pencil.
  2. Draw and cut out a black hat, 2 black eyes, 3 black buttons, and 5 black circles for the mouth
  3. Draw and cut out an orange triangle (carrot) for the nose
  4. Draw and cut out (and color if using white paper) 2 brown “sticks” for arms
  5. Mix equal amounts of shaving cream (the foam kind works best) and white glue.
  6. (optional) put glitter in the paint.
  7. Use a paint brush to apply the shaving cream “paint”.  We found it worked better to “dab” it on sideways rather than painting it like normal paint.
  8. Arrange the hat, eyes, nose, mouth, buttons, and arms.
  9. (optional) Apply more glitter if desired!
  10. Let dry!


This is the snowman my 3 year old put together 🙂 Don’t worry about them being “correct”, just let your kiddos have fun!

I hope you and your kids have as much fun doing this craft as my kids and I did!  Be sure to Pin It to save it for later and share it with your friends on Facebook!  Thanks!  Merry Christmas!

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