29 Quick and Easy Sheet Pan Meals to Make Dinner (and clean up) a Snap

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A delicious sheet pan dinner can rescue a hectic evening like a knight in shining armor!  These one pan meals have become my absolute favorite quick and easy dinner ideas lately for so many reasons.  They are quick, have very little active cooking to do, and, to top it all off, make only one or two dishes!

I mean, it almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?!

What is a sheet pan meal?

Simply put, a sheet pan meal is a one pan meal.  You bake everything in the oven on a cooking sheet.  Depending on the recipe, you may start with the veggies and add the meat later, but it all gets cooked on one lovely cooking sheet.  

I love sheet pan dinners because they are generally healthy since most consist of meat and veggies.  And, they are easy to clean up after since they are one pan meals.

I know dinner prep time is one of the most hectic times of day for busy moms.  And you’ve either been at work all day or home with the kids, so you are exhausted and the last thing you want to do is slave over a hot stove.  Healthy Sheet pan meals make it all so easy.

(side note: If you need a gluten free, dairy free, whatever free option for a dinner, these are great because most sheet pan recipes are allergy friendly by nature, since they are meat, veggies, and spices.)

What cooking tools do I need to make a sheet pan recipe?

The beauty of sheet pan recipes is that they don’t take a lot of dishes.  To make a sheet pan recipe you will need a cooking sheet (or 2 cooking sheets if you are making dinner for a large family), a spatula or spoon, and I recommend a silicone cooking sheet pan liner. The cooking sheet liner makes clean up even easier since it prevents the cooking sheet from becoming a icky sticky mess.

Who are they for?

Sheet pan recipes are so versatile you can make them whether you are cooking for 2 or a family of 7.  When I want to make a larger amount, I just add a second sheet pan, and voila, still and easy dinner with only 2 cooking sheets to wash!

I LOVE sheet pan recipes, and I think you will, too!

What kinds of sheet pan recipes are there?

Well, I’m glad you asked! 

That’s why I have rounded up twenty-nine of the most delicious sheet pan recipes I could find.  And the variety of flavors is A-mazing, so don’t worry about bored taste buds.  I’ve got you covered! If you need to bulk up the meal a bit you can always serve noodles or rice with just about any of these sheet pan recipes.

Here are 29 delicious and healthy sheet pan recipes to get you started:

ABC’s and Garden Peas proves that you can do more than chicken and veggies with this pecan crusted Alaskan salmon sheet pan recipe.

For a picky eater pleaser, try this chicken tenders and veggies from Mashup Mom.

There is also a BBQ turkey meatloaf sheet pan recipe.  I love to make meatloaf because it is so easy, so I can’t wait to try this one!

Another thing I love about sheet pan meals is that they are so versatile.  Here is a chicken and Fall veggies sheet pan, but you could easily swap out the veggies for whatever you have in your fridge.

Using sausage instead of regular meat cuts is an easy way to switch up the taste and texture of a meal.  This chicken sausage and veggies recipe is a perfect example.


Do you ever do breakfast for dinner?  Sheet pans can do that, too!  These pancakes look so fluffy I almost can’t stand it!

You know how when you cook eggs for a family, everyone is always waiting because you can only cook one or two eggs at a time?  Not anymore!  This breakfast potato with bacon and eggs sheet pan gets everyone a hot breakfast (or dinner) at the same time!

Pizza is something I had never thought of doing as a sheet pan meal, but this recipe from Forgotten Way Farms looks super yummy!

Chicken, sweet potatoes, and carrots just screams COZY WINTER DINNER to me.  So, this recipe from Family Balance Sheet is perfect for those cool evenings.

Eggplant is a vegetable that I’ve never known quite what to do with it.  But, you can totally toss it in a sheet pan to add variety to your vegetable menu.  Tiffany Meiter has a great recipe using eggplant.

As we get into Spring, lemon is a great flavor to use.  And lemon garlic chicken is sure to delight your taste buds.

I’m Italian, so anything that has the word “caprese” in it catches my eye.  Here is a delicious looking recipe from Food Meanderings for 5-ingredient caprese chicken sheet pan.

This recipe by Two Healthy Kitchens looks so good!  Sun dried tomatoes get me every time!

I think a lot of time people think sheet pan recipes have to be made with chicken or beef, but here is an excellent example of a fish sheet pan recipe you could use to mix things up!

Mmmm, savory meat and sweet pineapple…yes, please!  Add some roasted veggies and ring the dinner bell!

Make some rice to go with this sweet and sour chicken sheet pan recipe and you only have two dishes to wash!!!

This Southwestern veggie bake is technically a side dish, but you could throw on a second pan of meat and dinner is done!

Dash of Jazz always has fabulous recipes, and this mini meatloaf and potatoes sheet pan is no exception.

Beat the dinner rut and spice it up with this sausage and cajun sweet potato sheet pan recipe from Delicious on a Dime

We love nachos in our house, so I can’t wait to try these cauliflower loaded nachos!

Pork chops are another great way to mix up the dinner menu.  Here is a yummy looking recipe from Percolate Kitchen.

Here is another versatile chicken sheet pan recipe where you could easily use whatever veggies you have on hand.

Sweet maple and tangy mustard?? Yes, please!  I can’t wait to try this easy maple mustard chicken thigh recipe!

This ain’t your Mama’s BBQ chicken – this sheet pan recipe even has corn on the cob!  And a load of veggies that make it so colorful!

Sheet pan meals don’t have to be chicken – here is a shrimp and broccoli recipe that would go great with a steaming pot of rice!

If you love sweet pineapple along side savory meat and veggies, then this sheet pan meal from Carmyy is sure to delight!


This chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato recipe form Happy Family Blog adds nuts for a nice crunchy texture.

I just love tangy mustard flavor on my chicken, so I couldn’t resist this baked Dijon chicken and potatoes sheet pan from Palatable Pastime.

Cherry and Spice adds her own twist on honey mustard chicken and veggies by adding a little spice to make this sweet fire chicken and veggies sheet pan.

What are you going to make tonight?

I hope you don’t have too much trouble deciding which delicious sheet pan recipe to make for dinner tonight! Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite recipe from this post is!

Once you give sheet pan recipes a try, I know you’ll be hooked! I make sheet pan recipes at least two times each week. They are so versatile!

Happy cooking!

Be sure to save this post for the next time you’re stumped on a dinner plan!  And share it with your friends who need quick and easy dinner ideas!

Easy sheet pan meals


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  1. Love this! As a busy mom, I am always looking for quick and easy new recipes to make!

    • Surya says:

      Hi Lisa! I’m so glad you like it. Sheet pan meals have become a favorite of mine because they are just so easy. Hope you find a new favorite recipe!

  2. Wow…everything looks so delicious! I’m partial to breakfast for dinner, so may have to give those a try soon. One pan meals are the best!

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