An Easy Christmas Treat – Grinch Kabobs

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I am so not one of those moms who makes her kids’ food into cute little creations that look like caterpillars or a school bus or whatever.  The closest I’ve come is when I use cookie cutters on their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches sometimes!  We all have our strengths, I guess!

But, around Christmas time something comes over me and I just want to do something fun or special for them.  A lot of those cutesy snack ideas are way to involved for my taste.  But, today I am going to share a snack idea I found that was super easy, super fast, and super cute!  And if your kids like the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas, then they will be tickled green with this easy Christmas treat!

Easy Christmas snack - grinch kabobs

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Today, we are going to make the Christmas movie snack: Grinch Kabobs!

To make these you will need:

toothpicks (1 per kabob)

green grapes (1 per kabob)

mini marshmallows (1 per kabob)

strawberries, tops cut off (1 per kabob)

one banana, sliced (unless you plan on making a bunch, then several bananas)

These are so simple:

Take a toothpick and put a mini marshmallow on one end.  Slide a strawberry under the the marshmallow.  Next, slide one slice of banana, and push a grape on the bottom to finish it off.  Done!

My girls absolutely LOVED these!  Even my 5 year old, who doesn’t especially love grapes, asked for more.  So, if you have kids that don’t like fruit, this might be a way to get them to eat more.

Easy Christmas snack - grinch kabobs

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I hope your kids love these as much as mine did!

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