Christmas Activities for Busy Moms – DIY Candy Cane Ornament

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You know when you spend minutes hours looking at Pinterest Christmas crafts and just keep thinking “Oh, I wish I had time to do cute Christmas crafts with my kids.”?  The holidays are so busy as it is, then through work, housework, meals, and everything else in and when do we have time to actually make memories with our kids?

My girls love to do crafts, so this year I was determined to find some crafts that we could all do together (they are 5,3, and 1, so I had to keep it simple).  The crafts had to be quick (because who has time to spend 3 hours making a DIY porch decoration?!), simple (no frustration here!), and kid friendly (although we did do a few during nap time for the littlest).

The first craft that we did, and the one I want to share with you today was DIY Candy Cane Christmas Ornaments.

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These are super easy, quick, and as long as I made sure the one year old didn’t put them in her mouth, she could “do it”, too!

easy DIY Candy Cane Ornaments you can make with your kids

To make these diy candy cane ornaments you will need:

pipe cleaners (any color is fine, but we used white)

red and white beads

That’s it!

Only 3 items needed for these easy diy candy cane ornaments

To make these cuties, take a pipe cleaner and string one bead onto the end, leaving a little bit sticking out past the bead.  Then, bend the pipe cleaner around the bead, so the bead can’t slip off.  Then, I wrapped the pipe cleaner around itself, so the bead stayed secured in place.

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stringing candy cane ornaments

Your kiddos can do the rest!  Alternate colors to create the red and white candy cane pattern until the pipe cleaner is full, leaving just a little room at the top.  Then, fold the pipe cleaner over the last bead and wrap it around itself like you did in the beginning.

Lastly, bend the pipe cleaner into a candy cane shape, and (in the words of my 3 year old) Ta Da!  You have your candy cane ornament!

This was a great start to our Christmas Crafting Bonanza!  I was surprised how much my 5 year old enjoyed it.  I think she made 5 ornaments.  So, don’t be afraid to try it even if you think your kids might be “too old”.

I hope your family has as much fun making these as we did!  Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Crafts for Busy Moms - This DIY candy cane ornament is the perfect quick craft to do with your kids for Christmas time!

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