130+ Educational YouTube Channels for Your Homeschool

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The internet has revolutionized the way we are able to homeschool. It has put a world of amazing resources at our fingertips. If you are looking for a way to tap into the power of the internet to supplement your homeschool, then you are in the right place, my friend!

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I have gathered up a list of over 130 YouTube channels that can be used to supplement your homeschool.

A lot of people get down on YouTube because of all the inappropriate content, but there is a lot of good stuff on YouTube, as well. Today, I am sharing over 130 educational YouTube channels that you can use today to supplement your homeschool studies.

This year I am wanting to tap into the goodness of YouTube to supplement our homeschool. There are lots of ways to use YouTube in homeschooling. Here are a few:

  • have a child watch a video or playlist while you work 1:1 with another child
  • during lunch
  • when your child starts to resist doing work
  • when everyone needs a “break” time
  • sick days
  • traveling
  • to supplement, introduce, or review a topic
  • to inspire your child

It can be so time-consuming to wade through all the bad or inappropriate material to find the good stuff.

So, today I am doing it for you! I’ve gathered up a list of over 130 of the best educational YouTube channels to add to your homeschool or use in a pinch!

In this list of educational videos you will find:

  • YouTube channels for preschoolers
  • YouTube channels for elementary school
  • YouTube Channels for middle school
  • YouTube channels for high school
  • YouTube channels grouped by subject
  • General YouTube channels for learning

Each educational YouTube channel contains a link that will take you straight to that channel, so you can get started right away or subscribe to the channel for later use.

Below the list are instructions on how to create playlists and subscribe to channels, so be sure to check those out at the bottom of this post if you are new to YouTube.

Subscribing to channels and creating YouTube playlists can save you a ton of time going forward.

Ok, let’s get to the best educational YouTube videos for your homeschool!

YouTube Channels for Preschool

PBS Kids

Elf Kids Videos

Alpha Blocks

Sesame Street


Baby Einstein

Oh My Genius

Toddler Fun Learning

Story Bots

Patty Shukla Kids TV

Hoopla Kidz

Busy Beavers

YouTube Channels for Elementary School

Homeschool Pop


PBS Kids

Hooked on Phonics

School My Kid

A Kid Explains History

Liberty Kids

Peekaboo Kidz


Kids Learning Tube

Story Bots

YouTube Channels for Middle School




Ted X Youth

It’s OK to be Smart

Jam Campus

Extra Creditz

YouTube Channels for High School


Minute Physics

Big Think

Geek Gurl Diaries

Crash Course

Skunk Bear

Sixty Symbols

Mental Floss

Top Tenz


Knowing Better

YouTube Channels for Gym Class


Elementary Physical Education

Debbie Doo

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Move to Learn



Refit Revolution

Pancake Manor

Paul Eugene

Just Dance Kids

Zumba with Dovydas

Power Girl Fitness

YouTube Channels for Math



Kahn Academy

CTC Math



Professor Leonard

YouTube Channels for History

A Kid Explains History

Liberty Kids

History Channel

Brain Bubble TV


Horrible Histories HD

Crash Course

Smart Songs

Laughing Historically


PBS Presidents

Bedtime History

History Teachers

Epic History

Hip Hughes

John D Ruddy

Mr. Betts Class

YouTube Channels for Geography

Geography Now

Nat Geo Kids

MakeMeGenius Geography

Geography Focus

National Geographic

Darron Gedge’s Geography Channel

YouTube Channels for Science


Whiz Kids

Sick Science

Hoopla Kidzlab

Sci Show

Gross Science


Periodic Videos

Minute Earth

National Geographic


YouTube Channels for Language Arts/Foreign Language


Cool School


Calico Spanish

Little Pim Co

YouTube Channels for Art

Yo Kids

Art for Kids Hub

Red Ted Art

Doodle Academy

Angela Anderson

The ARtful Parent

Doodle Draw Art

Draw Kids Draw


Babble Dabble Do

Mr. Otter Art Studio

Art Bar Blog

So Craftastic

YouTube Channels for Music

Marty Music

One Music School

Music Theory Guy

Piano Video Lessons

Piana Keyboard Guide

You Can Learn Guitar


Music With Lindsey

Vincent Bates

Sing Play Create

YouTube Channels for Bible

Saddleback Kids

Veggie Tales

The Bible Project


The Holy Tales: Bible

The Beginner’s Bible

Bible Skeptic

Bible Stories for Adults

Bible Stories for Kids

5 Minute Family Devotionals

The Gospel Project for Kids

Share Faith Kids

YouTube Channels for General Learning

Smarter Every Day

Ted Education

Kahn Academy

How It’s Made


Barefoot Books

New to YouTube?

No problem. Here is a quick video that shows you how to sign up and create your own account to get started.

I like to create an account because that allows you to save videos and create playlists.

Which leads me to my next tip:

How to Create Playlists on YouTube

Creating a playlist is easy. Simply click the “Save” with the little “+” sign next to it when you find a video you want to add to your playlist. You can choose to add the video to a playlist you already have or create a new playlist. Easy peasy.

Here are some more in-depth directions from Google if you need more help:

Google directions on how to create a YouTube playlist

Do you have a favorite YouTube channel that you use in your homeschool? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! Also, be sure to pin this post for later, so you can find it easily.


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